Case Study: ConnectKids

“Voyager has allowed us to continue to grow our outpatient therapy programs at a rapid clip. The billing functionality has reduced our per case billing time 85%, from 20 minutes to 3 minutes. The back office efficiency the system created has allowed our company to make needed investments in our key clinical staff and systems; ultimately improving the lives of the children we serve.”

Matthew Hess, Chief Operating Officer, First Children Services

Voyager Case Study:

The team at First Children Services came to Voyager looking to build a staff scheduling and billing application for its outpatient therapy programs being delivered in homes across New Jersey. The organization needed a system to log therapy sessions and save them for billing, payroll and compliance. The company was currently outsourcing this functionality to another vendor. The system was not built for their industry and was cumbersome for therapists as well as for administrative staff looking to get any sort of reporting functionality. As the service volume grew, it became harder and harder for First Children to continue using the current system.

Voyager took on the job and after one meeting was able to prototype a system design and interface that would fit First Children’s needs. After confirming the vision with First Children administrators, Voyager went to work and began building out the application. Within two weeks, the system was ready to go live and “Connect Kids” was born. The new design accomplished several key items:

  1. The new system met all HIPAA requirements for information storage and sensitive data was properly encrypted.
  2. Billing personnel were able to run queries for therapy sessions and automatically import data onto a CMS 1500 form for billing.
  3. Therapists were able to easily log appointments and digitally input notes; eliminating the use of paper notes.
  4. All client data was stored and centralized, allowing permitted personnel access at any time and anyplace.
  5. The centralized billing system allowed the increased productivity of back office staff, preventing the hire of an additional medical biller at a savings of $45,000 annually.

First Children found that Connect Kids provided a functionality that was customizable to all of their needs. Many other solutions were available on the market to manage similar business processes but CK was built specifically for First Children and fits their unique needs perfectly. They have since added to the original system with additional items that support other facets of their business.